Marion Lobstein's Spring wildflower checklist for Thompson's Wildlife Management Area.

Medicinal aspects of some of the plants at Thompson's Wildlife Management Area.

Thompson's Wildlife Management Area - massive trillium display - go in late April - preferably duirng the week as it's very busy there on the weekends when the trillium is blooming
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Wildflower Talk - March 2014

A Meander through the World of Spring Wildflowers: Both Native and Exotic

Including a Handful that aren't so Wild and don't Bloom in the Spring


Marion Lobstein's article: Background on Spring Wildflowers - which includes sections on ECOLOGICAL FACTORS, PHOTOSYNTHESIS AND ASSIMILATION, POLLINATION, and Fruit and Seed Dispersal

Archive of PVAS emails:

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The names of Plants

All have both scientific names and common names. And all belong to a family for which there is also a scientific name and a common name.

The system of giving two part Latin names is generally credited to a Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus 1707-1778 who is pictured on this page with his favourite plant, Twinflower. (Blooms in WV - June-August. It's one of the rare plants at Ice Mountain in Hampshire County. It's a common northern plant but rare in the south.) Is it still in Tennessee?

WVPR STory about Ice Mountain - includes Twinflower

Visiting Ice Mountain - closest location where one can see Twinflower

Article about plant naming and here's an Online Botany page about plant families. And one more page explaining about some of the most common families.

I chose Twinflower as an example for the scientific name issue.

Family Names

Common                        Scientific  

Honeysuckle Family            Caprifoliaceae

Plant Names

                               Genus     Species

Twinflower                     Linnaea borealis

Trumpet Honeysuckle            Lonicera sempervirens

Japanese Honeysuckle           Lonicera japonica


Beefsteak Plant - Shiso - Page on Perilla from Eat the Weeds

National Invasive Species Awareness Week - 1st week in March


Pusztai Affair

Snowdrops - Galanthus nivalis
Amaryllis Family - Amaryllidaceae

There are about 20 genera (plural of 'genus') of Galanthus.

Page from Kew - includes info about medicinal uses

Bank to Bend - annual event at Winterthur - In 2014, the Galanthus bulbs the speaker had hoped to have for sale were stuck in customs.

Tons of pictures

Talk of Galanthomania in the Guardian Talk of Galanthomania in the Guardian

Scottish Rock Garden Club Forum - posts re: Galanthus

A Sample Snowdrop festival

Mania seems to have spread to the U.S. Event at Winterthur - March 9, 2013

Recent Washington Post story (from Ireland)

SNowdrop Festival - Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Snowdrops at Anglesey Abbey Cambridgeshire

Youtube video

Then a beer bottle is shown, the name of the Danish brew being none other than the scientific name of the Snowdrop!!

Bigger version of beer pic


False Mermaid - logo flower for the Flora of North America

Seeds of this plant play a role in a thriller!! What is the significance of the "false mermaid" seeds found on Tríona's body?

The genus of the plant, Floerkea, was named after the German botanist Heinrich Gustav Flörke

Pictures from Ontario


Alternative Crop - Meadowfoam

Meadowfoam Honey

Plants Database - provided by USDA
LOTS of info here. You can search by common or scientific name. See a map for where every plant is found. You can also submit photos for inclusion: Submitting photos to - minimum batch: 100


Spring Beauty

Flora of Virginia (It's on the cover of the new Virginia Flora)

Video about Flora of Virginia

This Spud's for You - Article about Spring Beauty in Virginia Living Magazine

John Clayton Herbarium - at the Natural History Museum in London

Miner's Lettuce


Mrs. Grieve's page on Bloodroot

Shenandoah Park's page on Bloodroot

Bloodroot - Sanguinaria canadensis -


Twinleaf - plant of the week

Twinleaf - Jeffersonia diphyllum
The gardens of Monticello have an online publication called: Twinleaf (Looks as if it may now be defunct as only older issues are online.)

There's one other species in the genus which is in Asia: Jeffersonia dubia or Chinese Twinleaf

Flowers said to last twice as long!! (But are difficult to divide)

Eastern North American plants - relationship with East Asian plants


Rue Anemone


Dutchman's Breeches

Squirrel Corn

Dicentra Cucullaria Beer

Youtube Review of the Amager beer Dicentra Cucullaria


More species mentioned in talk:

Early saxifrage, violets, including Green Violet, Purple deadnettle, henbit, Virginia Bluebells


Garlic Mustard
Alliaria petiolata
All mustards have 4 petals

GM recipes

GM Challenge - this will be taking place again in 2013. Contact Jim Heins if you are interested in helping do some Garlic Mustard pulling along the C and O: jheins57 at

Good video about GM - ID and control - from Wisconsin

weak +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Cutleaf toothwort


More: Dame's Rocket, Bellwort, Troutlily, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, (Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit), Wild Blue Phlox, Columbine, Ground Ivy, Wild Ginger, Mayapple, Sweet Annie, Showy Orchis, Wild Geranium, Shooting Star, Solomon's Seal, False Solomon's Seal (Solomon's Plume), Golden Ragwort,


Thompson's Wildlife Management Area - massive trillium display - go in late April - preferably duirng the week as it's very busy there on the weekends when the trillium is blooming
More Thompson's Info

Page about Red Trillium, from Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

There's Red Trillium at Snyder's Landing along the towpath. It's said to be the last natural population of this plant going downriver. (I've seen it further down river on the WV side.)

Critics stomp on new trillium logo (Ontario)

Paper about Trillium by Alan Weakley, author of Flora of the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States


Pink Lady's Slipper - and another page

Star-of-Bethlehem - Ornithogalum umbellatum - the common small one
Ornithogalum nutans - Nodding Star-of-Bethlehem - increasingly invasive
Genus name: Bird - milk
The genus Ornithogalum previously belonged to the family Liliaceae. It is now considered to be a member of the family Hyacinthaceae.


Trees and Shrubs:

Pawpaw, Spicebush, Fragrant Sumac, Tulip Poplar , Redbud, Bladdernut (many along the canal + one on Yankauer's Kingfisher Trail where it overlooks the river), Leatherwood - there are a few near the top of the Ferry Hill trail


More Resources:

West Virginia Page - on Wildflowers of the United States website

Donna Race - West Virginia ~ Spring Wildflower Identification

Mrs. Grieve's Herbal
Very old-fashioned but interesting to read; includes quite a number of American species as well as ones which are naturalized here.

Southern Appalachian Wildflower Gallery

Plant list for Yankauer



Newcomb's Wildflower Guide - has been at Four Seasons, not sure if it is currently there
Names update for Newcomb's

Wildflowers in the Field and Forest: A field Guide to the Northeastern United States

Flora of West Virginia - tells you the meanings of the Latin names. All the plants have illustrations. Available used starting around $35.

The Secrets of Wildflowers - Natural history, folklore, historic and modern uses of plants, name origins, horticulture, literature, and even a bit of humor.

Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast: A Natural History - by Carol Gracie

Seeing Trees: Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees - Have you ever seen the delicate flowers of a red maple? The emerging leaves of a tulip poplar? The twigs of a beech? When you look at a tree up close, you begin to appreciate trees in a whole new way. Seeing Trees invites readers to watch trees with the care and sensitivity that birdwatchers watch birds. - In the Washington County Library system

Flora of the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States - available as a free download (as well as for purchase for the paper copy).

Wild Flowers of the United States

Available in the oversize books area at the Shepherd U. library

This very important, collectible, and out of print series makes up the only complete work ever done on American Wildflowers, compiled and published between 1966-73 by McGraw-Hill and The New York Botanical Garden. They are large cloth-bound books, with clear color photos and authoritative text, quite easy to use. The set is divided into six regions of the US, and each region is in a slipcase which includes 2-4 volumes. For example, the Northeast is in two "parts" or volumes. The complete set is a 1-vol. Index + 14 books. ...


Places to go to see wildflowers:

Yankauer Preserve

Snavely Ford Trail, Antietam National Battlefield

C and O Canal

Shannondale Springs
Location: Jefferson County
Four miles east of Charles Town, south on state Route 9 and then turn onto Mission Road.

Further afield:

Ball's Bluff - near Leesburg

Visiting Ice Mountain - closest location where one can see Twinflower

Thompson's Wildlife Management Area - massive trillium display
More Thompson's Info


Some Songs

Wildflowers - Dolly Parton

Wildflowers - Sheryl Crow

Various wildflower songs


Offering alluring habitat for songbirds, exotic plants may actually decrease the animals' long-term survival and fitness

If you see a plant that you're curious about, email a picture to me and I will try to identify it for you. kathy - at -